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Connecting Talent

R&D Talent Group offers innovative solutions and technologies in various leading edge industries. We focus on collaborations between scientists and private industry, specifically in aerospace, telecommunications, and other high technology industries. R&D Talent Group paves the way for budding scientists to become future innovation leaders with a robust interdisciplinary and international partnership program. 


Our company is young but rapidly growing to meet the needs of multiple national and international clients focused on being on the leading edge of new technology development and product commercialization.  


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Many companies say their employees are their greatest asset. At R&D Talent Group, we don't just say it; we mean it. Our employees are talented and brilliant individuals with excellent reputations and outstanding capabilities who come together to solve some of the world's toughest challenges by focusing on the commercialization of new ideas and products. We are a boutique firm, offering a flexible, world-wide remote working environment where we can all focus on work we are passionate about. Innovation and technical excellence drive our success.

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Core Values



At R&D Talent Group we are focused on growing our employees and our partners. Our interdisciplinary and international partnership programs provide a 360 degree perspective of the innovation process, collaboration with a vast network of different innovation experts, and continuous mentoring for future enhancing career progression.


We're excited about what we do. R&D Talent Group employees and contractors are dedicated to their work and enthusiastically address challenges.

Blueprint Design


We get things done. R&D Talent Group goes above and beyond to serve our clients and others.

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